Developmental Program

Academy Developmental Program

Our Academy courses run throughout the year where players are taught the principles of soccer through a well-structured curriculum ensuring that they are prepared to graduate to each Academy level program.

A developmental program harnessing the following values, more commonly known as P.L.A.C.E

  •  People – The players, the staff, the club members and the parents.  Everyone associated with the SCC Soccer Academy understands the role that they play within our (the) program.
  • Location – SCC is the premier sports club in SE Asia and has first class facilities that support our aim to create an outstanding learning environment.
  • Academy – All aspects of a player’s development are catered for: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Physiological, Mental and Social.  The Academy provides a pathway route for all footballers from the age of six years to the adult competitive squads within the SCC.
  • Character – The positive values instilled within the player’s are key to the success of the program that encompass fairplay, sportsmanship, respect to coaching staff, peers, officials and opponent’s.
  • Excellence – Specialised performance related selection program that recruits potentially talented players to squads that compete versus professional academies within international tournaments throughout the Asian region and Europe in order to showcase talent of Singapore based players.

Academy Age Categories

3 – 5yrs: Players are introduced to the beautiful game of football with themed fun games that engage the children in a happy and positive environment.  They will be exposed to individual skills and techniques without even knowing it.

6 – 7yrs: Players are introduced to the basic skills and techniques of the game.  They will be taught individual skills and techniques in a fun and dynamic environment, which will provide them with the solid foundation that is required to progress to the next level.

8 – 12yrs: Players master the basic skills and techniques of the game.  During this stage, they will commit themselves to the life of football as they develop within 1v1 to 9v9 situations.

13 – 16yrs: Whilst maintaining technical and skill development, the focus shifts towards ‘problem solving’ where players will have an understanding of one or more positions in the 11v11 game.

17 – 18: Winning becomes very important and players must learn the ways of real football in order to progress competitively through varying standards of football.

“The SCC is serious about its football and the development of its youth. Through the Junior Sport Membership Scheme, SCC ensures that the well-being of the its young players are taken care of, such that players can solely concentrate on improving and developing their skills. Being a beneficiary of this successful initiative, I have managed to grow from a youth player into a regular player in a team that has been regularly winning medals over the past 3 years. “  TAN CHUN HAO